Assembling the Modified Rover in Outbreak 

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Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode offers a unique twist with “Outbreak,” a large-scale experience where players fight the undead across various Ural Mountain regions. But  Benefits of Phone Number ListsOutbreak isn’t just about survival; hidden within its chaotic waves lies a complex Easter Egg known as “Operation Excision.” This multi-stage quest requires teamwork and strategic exploration, with one crucial step involving the assembly of a Modified Rover.

This guide will walk you through the process of assembling the Modified Rover in Operation Excision, helping you progress further in Outbreak’s intricate Easter Egg.

H3: Finding the Aethereal Orb and the Aetherium Neutralizer Rover

The first step involves locating two key elements: the Aethereal Orb and the Aetherium Neutralizer Rover.

  • Aethereal Orb: This red, glowing orb can be found scattered throughout the current Outbreak map. Its location changes with each game, so keep a keen eye out during exploration. Look for it in open areas, buildings, or even perched atop structures.

  • Aetherium Neutralizer Rover: This specialized vehicle sits dormant on a bridge within the map. Identifying the specific bridge can be tricky, as each Outbreak region has its own unique layout. However, the bridge will always be a prominent landmark, often connecting different sections of the map.

H3: Guiding the Aethereal Orb with Weaponry



Once you’ve located both the Aethereal Orb and the Aetherium Neutralizer Rover, the real work begins. Here’s how to manipulate the orb and assemble the Modified Rover:

  1. Shoot the Orb: Use your weapon to fire at the Aethereal Orb. Each successful hit will cause it to teleport to a new location within the map.

  2. Direct the Orb to the Rover: This is the critical part. Keep shooting the orb, strategically aiming your shots to guide it towards the Aetherium Neutralizer Rover on the bridge. You’ll need precise aiming and potentially some teammate coordination to achieve this.

  3. Precision is Key: Be mindful not to overshoot the bridge. The orb cannot be moved indefinitely, and if it lands outside the rover’s vicinity, you’ll have to restart the process by finding it again.

  4. Orb Placement: Once the Aethereal Orb hovers directly above the Aetherium Neutralizer Rover, H3: Finding the Broken Mystery Box and the Aether Bunny

With the orb in place, it’s time to locate another crucial element: the broken Mystery Box.

  • Broken Mystery Box: This special version of the Mystery Box will have a peculiar appearance, often appearing broken or malfunctioning. It can be found anywhere within  Benefits Of Increasing Page Views the map, similar to searching for the Aethereal Orb. Keep an eye on potential spawn points for standard Mystery Boxes, as the broken version often appears in similar locations.

  • Aether Bunny: Upon finding the broken Mystery Box, you’ll notice a peculiar addition – a small, plush bunny sitting atop it. This is the Aether Bunny, a key component in assembling the Modified Rover.

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