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Work calendar and holidays in Spain 2023 | BFB Directory

Work calendar and holidays in Spain 2023

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With the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) , working days and holidays. Are annually, in addition to annual vacation periods, such as Easter or Christmas. Below you will find a list of national holidays. And below you can consult the specific non-working days of each autonomous community in order to have a work calendar for. Have your employees’ absences under control! Table of Contents Spain work calendar. Calendar of regional holidays in Spain Bridges of Spain in Spain work calendar for 2023 by. Factorial work calendar. These are the holidays in the work calendar in and that are throughout Spain: Friday, January 6, Epiphany Immaculate Conception Monday. Christmas All communities have the Epiphany of the Lord one of the national holidays that is. to be to another regional holiday.

Calendar of regional holidays in Spain 2023

Below we provide you with the list of regional holidays in Spain for. So you can prepare your parties wherever you are! Andalusia For this 2023, Andalusia contemplates the national holidays of Spain but includes Fax Lists two more. On in compensation for New Year’s Day (January 1) which falls on a Sunday. This practice is also by Aragon, Asturias, Castilla y León and Murcia. In addition, February 28 will be a holiday, for All Andalusians’ Day. Also on Thursday, April 6, when Holy Thursday is . Finally, it has at least two local holidays for each of its provincial capitals. Almería Holidays Therefore, Almería has Saturday, June 24, San Juan, as a holiday, as well as which celebrates the day of the Virgin of the Sea, the patron saint of the city.

Canary Islands

In the Canary Islands, the work calendar includes, in addition to national holidays, different holidays. On the one hand, Thursday, April 6, is a Holy Thursday holiday, and Canary Islands Day is celebrated on Tuesday, May 30. Local holidays of the Canary Islands As for local holidays, in Tenerife there will be a holiday on Thursday, to celebrate the Day of the Virgin of Candelaria. Saturday will be a holiday in La Palma de. Gran BFB Directory Canarias for the Day of Our Lady of the Snows. In La Gomera , Monday, will be a holiday for Our Lady of Guadalupe. In September, will be a holiday in Lanzarote , for the Day of our Lady of the Volcanoes, on the other hand, in Fuerteventura it will be a holiday on Friday,for the Day of our Lady of the Peña. On there will be a festival in El Hierro for the Virgin of the Kings.

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