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Features of the mentality of the population in the | BFB Directory

Features of the mentality of the population in the UAE

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Each country has traditions and customs that distinguish it from others. Mentality is part of cultural heritage. Therefore, before choosing a market to enter, we advise you to get to know the people with whom you will interact, learn more about the peculiarities of life and communication in society. Ekaterina, CEO “It is important to adhere not only to legislation, but also, first of all, to traditions and culture. It is not advisable to publicly express emotions and hold hands, kiss, hug.

According to local laws in the UAE

You cannot photograph women, symbols of state power, the Koran, or members of the royal family. A separate period of the day is namaz (prayer). At a certain time, people lay out special mats and perform namaz – during prayer, life “freezes.” All these aspects need to be taken into account. Ukrainian business has the necessary Buy Bulk SMS Service criteria for scaling in the Middle East region. This is a high-quality product and high-level service, a desire to work and find new markets. There are already successful cases. So don’t wait for a “magic kick”, but start acting already, because there will never be an ideal time than now.

“In crowded, non-tourist places

You are unlikely to find alcohol. It is prohibited in most restaurants, as is smoking. Regarding the restaurant business, our partners have been receiving permission to build a restaurant for the second year. The license for alcohol and hookahs is one of the most expensive in the Emirates.

Therefore, We are developing the event BFB Directory sector. The Emirates, especially Dubai, are in demand for event management and marketing services. Typically, brands in the UAE create projects based on the “who is cooler” principle. Our agency’s strength is conceptual activities and implementation technologies, on which we focus our attention and professional skills.

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