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BFB Directory

 Customers also viewed these products section After viewing this product, buyers also viewed other similar products It can be seen that this competing product can be ranked on the home page or the second page for these keywords, and some of them are gray. You can see that the number of keywords included in this link is quite good, which meets our needs for finding competing products. 2.

Products are in line with our filtered traffic

product recommendations from stores with more than 100 reviews and a star rating of 4 or more. 2. Analysis of associated traffic types Associated traffic types: Watched and watched: Customers who viewed this item also viewed section, buyers who viewed this product also viewed other similar products Similar Phone Number List  products: In the , Amazon automatically grabs recommendations based on product similarity and buyers’ shopping habits, and compares highly similar products.

Compare with similar items section

 Editorial recommendations: Product recommendations evaluated by Amazon official or third-party bloggers. HR recommended words: When buyers search for this term, the product appears in the Highly rated column. Highly rated: a type of PPC advertising that requires the product  BFB Directory  to have a rating of 4 or more stars and more than 100 ratings. 4-star recommendation: When buyers search for this term, the product appears in the 4+ star styles column.

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