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Writing Is the Process of Researching Planning | BFB Directory

Writing Is the Process of Researching Planning

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As you read this article you will see that we have included similar sentiments. . Make it worth sharing People share content for a variety of reasons. In his best-selling book Contagious Jonah Berger specifically mentions some reasons why people share things Make them look good or help them support their own point of view/narrative. Make them feel an emotion such as anger awe joy etc. Relevant to current events. Provide practical value or utility. It has been shared by many people. Lets focus on point five. Getting some initial shares is key to getting this flywheel going and one way to do this is to build share triggers into your content. You can find sharing triggers by looking for common link reasons in the backlink profiles of similar pages since

Ahrefs keyword analysis Search for the topic

Links are a form of sharing. Heres how to do it Enter you are writing about Please review the SERP overview Find a similar article with many citing domain names Click the number in the External links column What Browse Anchors and Destination Phone Number List URL Bars Have in Common For example if we did this to a Big Commerce post about affiliate marketing we would see quite a few people being linked because of the mentioned statistic probably because of the main . If you were writing about the same topic mentioning these or similar statistics might increase the stock price. . Give your posts a unique perspective More than . million blog posts are published every day. If you want to compete you have to stand out.

Procrastination is not a new topic

Set yourself apart by approaching your chosen topic from a unique perspective. Heres an example. Yet Tim Urbans posts about procrastination are among the most popular on his site and maybe even on the internet. Why Thats because he approached the problem from an unprecedented angle. Instead of self-motivated rants about BFB Directory the dangers of procrastination he decided to explain why it happens with cute illustrations The Instant Gratification Monkey The Panic Monster and more. While theres no foolproof way to come up with angles here are some mental models you can consider Personal experience – Have you tried making something before Tell them about your experiences and the lessons you learned.

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