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 Uncategorised | 0 comments Case Study Frozen Juice Spain  Contents = The Company: Frozen Juice Spain = Keyword Research = The design process = Analytics = Launch & Results Case Study: Transforming Frozen Juice Spain’s Online Presence Through Strategic SEO Frozen Juice Spain, a leading supplier of NFC juice, faced a significant challenge – their website had low search engine rankings, lacked SEO optimization. Study Frozen Juice Spain by Anthony and suffered from slow loading times. Recognizing the need for a robust online presence, they turned to our team for a comprehensive SEO overhaul. The Challenge Frozen Juice Spain’s primary goal was to rank highly for the search terms 

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“NFC juice” and “NFC juice suppliers”. However, their Korea Phone Number Data website, built on WordPress, had virtually no SEO and was plagued by slow loading times.  a full SEO audit using various SEO programs. We then carried out competitor research to understand the landscape and identify opportunities for improvement. NFC Juice Suppliers We focused on two key strategies: technical SEO and content creation. We installed SEO plugins, optimized the site’s technical aspects, and used Rank Math. Study Frozen to improve site speed. Concurrently, we embarked on a content creation journey, crafting SEO-friendly content that resonated with Frozen Juice Spain’s audience and industry. The Process SEO Keyword Research Understanding the highly competitive nature of the NFC Juice export market from Spain, we decided to prioritize SEO above PPC campaigns.

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The foundation of a successful project lies in thorough Thailand Phone Number List keyword research. Armed with this strategy, we turned to several well-known keyword research tools, including SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner. Our goal was to identify the keywords that needed to be targeted and understand their search volume. This step was crucial to ensure that the website would gain traction and receive relevant traffic from search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing. Once we had a clear understanding of the keyword landscape, we moved on to the technical aspects of SEO. Study Frozen installed SEO plugins, optimized the site’s technical elements, and used Rank Math to improve site speed. 

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