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No free hunch operator: kaggle website link. This blog is a little different than others in that it explores data. Scientist minds directly and provides tutorials and news. This is the blog of data science website kaggle. Which hosts several data science projects and competitions. In which data scientists are required to generate the best model for a featured dataset. Organizations can post a data problem and offer a certain amount of money as a reward. And data professionals will participate in a competition. To come up with solutions. Learn the latest about machine learning. 6. Simply statistics run by: jeff leek. Roger peng and rafa irizarry website link: simplystatistics.Org if you can’t get enough statistics. This blog is perfect for you. Run by

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That experiments are innovative and Denmark Phone Number Data interesting. And provides many perspectives worth learning from. The site has organized more than 200 competitions. Including high-profile ones such as improving microsoft kinect gesture recognition. Improving cern’s search for the higgs boson. And the well-known heritage health $3 million prize for improved prediction of patients requiring hospital care). Kaggle’s official blog goes into more depth about these competitions. With interviews with winners discussing their approaches to solving data science problems.

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The blog also provides news

And tutorials for data science enthusiasts of all Africa Phone Number List levels. Inside bigdata operator. Rich brueckner. Which hosts website lnside bigdata focuses on the machine learning side of data science. It covers big data. Machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence in it and business. Guest interviews you can use new see keywords and put it into keywords explore provide insights from an industry perspective. While news and editorial-picked articles highlight key events in the field. All articles are neatly categorized by topic to focus on a specific topic. The blog also maintains a vast resource of events. Jobs research reports, and more. This resource is for anyone who wants.

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