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The same goes for internal links to other pages on your website. If you have written about a topic mentioned in a blog post in another blog post, e-book, or web page, the best practice is to link to that page. (You may have noticed that I do this from time. Will also have an entry point to the  to time in this blog post when I think it would be helpful to our readers.) Internal links not only help keep visitors on your site

Make your pages relevant to

Other search engines and authoritative. For Cambodia Phone Number Data example, if your blog is about fashion, you might include fabrics as a theme. Adding a hyperlink from a blog post about cotton to an article about the proper way to mix fabrics can help make both articles more visible to readers searching for those keywords. When Will also have you hyperlink in a post about mixed fabrics, search engines  post about cotton. Not only will your updated content rank faster on the SERPs, increasing the number of visitors and leads, but it will also require less time and resources to update existing content rather than create entirely new

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This means that posts

About cotton fabrics and any updates you make to Brazil Phone Number List them will be recognized faster by website crawlers. As a result, it can even see a boost in SERP. 9. Review metrics regularly. Google’s free Search Console includes a section Will also have called Search Analytics Report . This report helps you analyze clicks from Google Search – it helps determine which keywords people are using to find your blog content. You can also learn how to use Google Search Specifically, repurpose and update your current content, as well as remove your outdated content. This is because a brand new piece of content takes longer to stay on the search engine results pages


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