I believe that whether you write a blog post for yourself

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Which is crucial to developing the habit of blogging. I believe that whether you write a blog post for yourself or for others. I believe that the following to be a good blog post: ①clear structure a clear structure means dividing the article into categories and paragraphs. Just like a book. The first thing people look at when reading a book is the table of contents. So that the viewer can quickly sort out the context of the article. They can either read the entire article or have some ideas. Look selectively. In such a fast era. This is very necessary. ②clear theme this is mainly reflecte in the fact that the title of the article is highly general and should not give readers the feeling that something is wrong. ③ simple interface it is very important to keep the reading interface of blog articles simple.

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It usually only takes a few seconds to generate a Greece Phone Number Data static page. I believe that language is a compile language. Both ruby and node.Js are high-level object-oriente interprete languages. And their execution efficiency is lower than compile languages. Some excellent static blogs: dynamic means that the front-end html and css are displaye through dynamic calls and then parse. Rather than generate ready-made static files. And will interact with the back-end database for data transfer. The more popular dynamic blog generation tools: wordpress . Develope using php language. Is the most use free and open source website building program in the world. Usually more professional websites can be complete through this tool. Such as commercial websites.

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E-commerce websites. Business website. Company Uk Phone Number List website. Corporate website. Etc. Advantages of dynamic blogs: more detaile management of content and blogs. More templates  . Ghost is an open source blogging platform built on node.Js. 3. Static blog construction for example: hugo blog construction | papermod theme .  cloud lightweight server 4. How to write a good blog first of all. The blog is for yourself. And you can write your own study notes on it. Secondly. Blogs are also for others to read. So you nee to pay special attention to the quality of your articles. Don’t rush into it because you just want to read the study notes or for other reasons. Because continuously outputting good blogs can give you positive feeback.

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