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Interviewing. Technology. Social meia. Marketing. And “Just plain fun” topics. This resource center is for data scientists at any stage of their career and for anyone who wants to learn about data.Write a blog post it mainly introduces the current situation of personal blogs. The selection and establishment of blogs. Matters neeing attention when writing blogs. How to output high-quality articles. Etc. 2022-03-27 2618 words 6 minutes sulv blog building 2536 5 article directory 1. Current status of personal blogs 2. Classification of blogs 3. Static blog construction 4. How to write a good blog 5. How to write a technical blog post 1. Current status of personal blogs building a personal blog is a very fun process. During this period. You can learn front-end knowlege. If you deploy it to a server.


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There are many blog platforms on the internet Germany Phone Number Data now. Such as csdn. Nuggets. Jianshu. Blog park. Zhihu. Etc. The seo optimization of these blogs will be better than that of personal blogs. When searching for the same article. The first few articles are often the same. Monopolize by these big platforms. Personal blogs are usually hidden behind them. Without seo optimization. They may not even be found at all. Many high-quality articles are hidden in personal blogs. Nowadays. Many static blogs are built in conjunction with github. Github blocks baidu’s crawlers. So it is difficult to search personal blogs built on github on baidu. Which is a big pity. So when writing personal blog posts. I think it relies more on personal feelings.

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For example. Work notes. Reading notes. Personal USA Phone Number List life insights. Etc. One advantage of a personal blog is that it is completely under your control. You can put any articles you want to write (within the scope of the law). And you can also put photos. Videos. Etc. Of your personal life. If the quality of the blog is better. The return rate will usually be higher. . A personal blog is like an electronic notebook that can be read at any time as long as there is an internet connection. 2. Classification of blogs blogs can generally be divide into static blogs and dynamic blogs static blog: generally speaking. It only has front-end display. That is. It directly renders and generates html standard files and presents them to the client.

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